• Flypor


Fly and lice control and mange treatment for cattle.

Flypor is a long lasting, broad spectrum cattle pour-on that controls flies and lice, and treats sarcoptic and chorioptic mange on cattle.

  • Fast and easy to apply
  • Long lasting - up to 8 weeks control of horn and biting flies
  • Controls lice and treats mange
  • 1 product for 3 problem parasites
  • Great 'pence per week of protection’ value
  • Only a 6 hour milk withhold so can be easily used in milking dairy cows
  • Shortest meat withhold period of all cattle fly control pour on products at only 3 days*

When to use and why

Flypor's length of cover means less frequent treatment saving both time and labour costs. Flypor is ideal for all cattle, including dairy and young stock (over one week old).

Application to control flies and lice

  • The Novartis Flypor pour on gun should be used to apply the product
  • Apply a quarter of the dose to the head
  • Pour the remainder along the neck and mid-backline.


In cases of heavy fly infestation or lice challenge, the dose can be repeated at 4 week intervals


To treat sarcoptic and chorioptic mange

  • Apply the full calculated dose directly to all visibly affected areas
  • Pour any that remains along the backline in the normal way
  • The dose should be repeated after 4 weeks


Easy dose rate

Apply at the rate of 1ml Flypor per 10kg bodyweight (up to a maximum dose of 40ml)

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* Reference Summary of Product Characteristics for relevant pour on products.

Flypor® Pour-On Solution contains 4% Permethrin (cis:trans 80:20). Flypor ® is a registered trademark of Novartis AG, Basle, Switzerland.  Advice on the use of this or alternative medicines must be sought from the medicine prescriber.

 Use medicines responsibly. (www.noah.co.uk/responsible). Legal category: POM-VPS.