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Elanco Animal Health offers a range of products for the prevention and treatment of disease in sheep and cattle.  Whether you are looking for the longest-lasting protection for blowfly control, a flukicide which controls all stages of liver fluke or a sheep wormer from one of the newer classes, then make sure you consider the Elanco parasiticide product portfolio.

Blowfly tracker report a strike home page widget
Report a case of blowfly strike

Report cases of blowfly strike and help other farmers be aware of the risks.

Cattle ectoparasites headflies
Nuisance flies and midges

Nuisance flies and midges bothering your herd? Treat with Flypor™ for long lasting control.

Zolvix Quarantine Dose Worm Control

Bringing stock back on to your farm? Find out how using Zolvix as a quarantine dose can prevent you bringing in resistant worms

Kick Ketosis with Kexxtone for Ketosis management
Ketosis management

Learn more about the impact of ketosis and how Kexxtone has benefited herd health

Parasite Matters Summer 2022 homepage widget
Parasite Matters

Keep up to date on parasite challenges with the latest edition of Parasite Matters

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A2K Summer 2022 - On-demand

Watch the A2K Summer 2022 webinar here