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Product Information – Crovect™

Treat and control ectoparasites

When looking for wider ectoparasite control, use Crovect™, a synthetic pyrethroid, offering sheep treatment and control options for ticks, biting lice, headflies, and blowfly. Crovect™ can be used for the treatment of tick infestations with a persistent efficacy of 10 weeks.

  • 8 day meat withhold.
  • Contains 1.25% w/v cypermethrin.
  • Prevents blowfly strike for between 6 and 8 weeks.
  • Kills maggots.
  • Up to 10 weeks control of tick infestation.
  • Kills biting lice.
  • Treats and controls headflies.

Application method differs for each target parasite. Correct application is vital to ensure product efficacy.

1. Blowfly prevention:

  • Apply as a fan spray to the surface of the fleece on the shoulders, back and flanks and on the rump.
  • Always use the Crovect™ Pour-On Gun and the FAN SPRAY NOZZLE.
  • For best results ensure that the distance between the gun nozzle and the fleece is approximately 20cm. Crovect™ will prevent blowfly strike only on areas covered by spray.
  • Note Elanco recommends the use of an Insect Growth Regulator (IGR) such as CLiK™, CLiKZiN™ or CLiK™ EXTRA for blowfly prevention as they are narrow spectrum products. Industry recommendations are to always use a narrow spectrum product where possible for the parasite you are looking to treat to avoid potential build up to resistance.
  • One treatment will give 6-8 weeks protection from blowfly strike.

2. Established blowfly strike:

    Apply directly to the affected parts at the rate of 2.5 ml per 100-150cm² (roughly the size of a hand) using the Crovect™ Pour-on gun with the T-BAR NOZZLE.

3. Headfly:

    Apply 5ml to the top of the head between the ears using the Crovect™ Pour-On Gun with T-BAR NOZZLE.

4. Ticks:

    Lambs less than 10kg –give a 5 ml dose followed three weeks later by a 10ml dose. Adult sheep and lambs over 10kg – apply at the rate of 10 ml per 20 kg bodyweight up to a maximum of 40ml. Apply the dose as a pin stream from the crown of the head to the top of the rump using the Crovect™ Pour-On Gun with the STRAIGHT NOZZLE. One treatment will give ten weeks cover.

5. Lice:

    Apply at the rate of 5ml per 20kg up to a maximum of 20ml. Apply the dose as a pin stream from the shoulders to the rumpalong the middle of the backline using the Crovect™ Pour-On Gun with the STRAIGHT NOZZLE.

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