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  • Flypor™ is an insecticide containing the synthetic pyrethroid permethrin 4% w/v.
  • It provides up to 8 weeks’ long-lasting control of nuisance flies¥and also controls lice and treats mange.
  • Flypor™ has also been shown to have the potential to be effective against Culicoides biting midges.
  • Applied in a weight-specific pour-on dose, ensuring protection of key areas at risk from disease¤.
  • Flypor™ is the only SP pour-on to control lice (both biting and sucking) and treat mange (sarcoptic and chorioptic) in the autumn and winter months.
  • It also has the added benefits of only a 6-hour milk withhold and a short, 3-day meat withhold.

To ensure best results, apply Flypor™ using the following methods:

To control flies, midges and lice*

  • Apply one quarter of the dose to the top of the head which is one of the areas where flies gather.
  • Pour the remainder along the neck and mid-backline – Flypor spreads to protect the animal.

To treat mange

  • Apply the calculated dose directly to all visibly affected areas.
  • Pour any that remains along the backline in the normal way.

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