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What is Kexxtone™?

KexxtoneTM is a prescription only medicine (POM-V) and must be prescribed by your vet.

Kexxtone is an intraruminal bolus prescribed by your vet for administration 3-4 weeks pre-calving to reduce the incidence of ketosis in the peri-parturient dairy cow/heifer expected to develop ketosis.

Mode of action

When the Kexxtone bolus is ingested and reaches the cow’s rumen, the active ingredient, monensin, is released over a 95 day period. This results in more glucose production from the rumen which then decreases the energy gap and reduces ketosis by up to 74%*.

Watch our video on the mode of action of Kexxtone:

Through its mode of action resolving negative energy balance and its withdrawal period of 0 days for both meat and milk, Kexxtone provides a treatment option for the reduction of the incidence of ketosis for better herd health.

Talk to your vet for further information on using Kexxtone with your herd.