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Rycoben™ SC

Rycoben™ SC is a group 1 white (benzimidazole) anthelmintic (wormer) containing albendazole for sheep. It is effective against:

  • Roundworms including Nematodirus battus in spring/early summer
  • Tapeworms
  • Lungworms
  • Adult liver fluke responsible for chronic liver fluke disease

Rycoben™ is the only white drench licensed as an aid in the prevention of cobalt and selenium deficiency. Both minerals are vital to support lamb growth.

Selenium is required for healthy growth, fertility and immune responses.

  • causes ‘white muscle disease’ – degeneration of the skeletal and cardiac muscles, leading to sudden death, weak or stillborn lambs.
  • typically affects lambs 2-6 weeks old in the spring.
  • is found on pastures with acidic soils and high rainfall (above 450mm/year).

Cobalt is required for vitamin B12 and is essential for maximum food utilisation.

  • causes ill thrift in growing lambs and infertility in the adult ewe
  • most commonly affects growing lambs
  • is caused by low cobalt concentrations in the soil

Dose rate for roundworms, tapeworms and lungworms:

Rycoben worms dose chart

Rycoben™ and liver fluke control

Rycoben™ is licensed to kill adult liver fluke responsible for chronic liver fluke disease. It should be used at 1.5 times the standard dose rate for controlling worms.

Seasonal strategic liver fluke treatment is always advised in order to reduce the risk of resistance developing.

Removing adult liver fluke in late spring/summer, reduces the number of liver fluke eggs reaching the pasture when snails are very active, reducing the number of infective snails maintaining the liver fluke lifecycle into the autumn.

Find out more about liver fluke in sheep here

Dose rate for adult liver fluke:

Rycoben fluke dose chart