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Which blowfly product - and when?

It's best to prevent blowfly strike as early as possible, to prevent the first wave of blowflies from breeding and thereby reducing the blowfly population and strike risk:

  • Prevention: as Insect Growth Regulators (IGRs) are not insecticidal, and instead work on preventing the harmless first stage blowfly larvae developing into the damaging second and third stage maggots that are responsible for flystrike, these are best for preventing strike occurring. The Elanco CLiK™ portfolio, made up of CLiK™ Extra, CLiK™ and CLiKZin™ are IGRs:
  • *Risk period is highly variable and will continue into October and November in some years. Suggested product choice is for guidance only. Individual farm needs will vary, so advice should be sought from the prescriber.

    These are the only products to benefit from FleeceBind™, a technology that allows the product to spread and bind to give full fleece protection**, minimising the risk of fly strike.

    IGRs such as the CLiK™ portfolio of products should be applied to clean sheep, using the 4-stroke application method as shown here.

  • Treatment: insecticidal products kill adult blowflies and larvae so are best for treating struck animals. Crovect™ offers treatment and control options for blowfly as well as ticks, biting lice and headflies. It is important to use the Crovect™ applicator and the correct nozzle for the ectoparasite you are treating, as shown here.

CLiK™ EXTRA 65 mg/ml Pour-On Suspension for sheep contains dicyclanil and is indicated for the prevention of blowfly strike on sheep caused by Lucilia sericata or Wohlfahrtia magnifica. CLiK™ Pour-On for sheep contains 5% (w/v) dicyclanil and is indicated for the prevention of blowfly strike due to Lucilia sericata or Wohlfahrtia magnifica on sheep CLiKZiN™ Pour-On Suspension for Sheep contains the active ingredient dicyclanil and is indicated for the prevention of blowfly strike on sheep due to Lucilia sericata. Crovect™ Pour-On for sheep contains 1.25% (w/v) cypermethrin (cis:trans/80:20). For the treatment and control of headflies, tick infestation with a persistent efficacy of 10 weeks (the majority of ticks killed within 3 hours) and treatment of biting lice in sheep. Also for the prevention and treatment of blowfly strike in sheep. Legal category for all: POM-VPS Information regarding the side effects, precautions, warnings and contra-indications can be found in product packaging and leaflets; further information can also be found in the Summary of Product Characteristics. **Spreads to areas covered by fleece, other areas may not be protected, including the feet CLiK™ EXTRA, CLiK™, CLiKZiN™, Crovect™, FleeceBind™, Elanco™ and the diagonal bar™ logo are trademarks of Elanco or its affiliates. Use medicines responsibly ( Advice should be sought from the prescriber prior to use. PM-UK-21-0266