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See below to watch our latest webinars covering Sustainable Parasite Control on farm.

Sustainable Parasite Control: Test Don't Guess - Sheep Worms (Duration: 1hr 15 minutes)

NSA, Moredun Institute and Elanco have partnered together to run a practical webinar on Sustainable Parasite Control: Test don’t Guess: Sheep Worms aimed at farmers and animal health professionals. This webinar looks at the wider impact of worms on flock productivity and profitability; the importance of monitoring and testing; practical application on how to make a difference on farm.

Topics covered in this webinar:

  • Phil Stocker of the NSA presenting 'Worm Control - why we can't afford to get it wrong'.
  • Dr Dave Bartley of Moredun Research Institute presenting 'Worm Control - Testing and Monitoring'.
  • Matt Colston BVM&S, Cert.SHP, MRCVS from Elanco presenting 'Worm control - Putting theory into practice'.

For further information on Sustainable Parasite Control visit the NSA, SCOPS and the Moredun Research Institute.

Watch farmer Simon explain how he has incorporated Zolvix into his worming strategy

How to incorporate Zolvix into your worming strategy